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[sticky post] Introduction Fail

I have no idea what I want to write here. Huh...
Okay, so what I can say,

First:  I'm not very good at drawing, but I can write stories pretty well!!!

Second:I'm addicted to Axis Powers: Hetalia, Maximum Ride, and that's about it, I read the first volume of Death Note, and I'd like to keep going, buuuuut... Yeah, no I borrowed that from my friend soooo... I'll have to go to the bookstore to get the rest, I want to read it!

Third: I'm a giant geek!!!! And strange person, so you'll have to espect me to say the strangest things sometimes... Do not be alarmed for my sanity, it's nonexistent sometimes.

Fourth (and probably last): I'm not much of a gamer, but I love to play RPGs and stuff like that, and I suck at Halo, but that's my best friend's fault. She was killing me non stop. *rolls eyes* Not that suprising really.
Oh, my name, yeah... That's my kitten's name, sort of... She's the cutest thing in the world!!! I'll have to post a picture sometime soon, meh, whatever.
Au revoir, readers and people.

Watching Doctor Who

So I  thought about posting this on Tumblr,, but I hit post limit for today and this is my other blog so I might as well post here. So I'm watching 'Rose' (the first episode) and I swear to gog (I've gotten into Homestuck don't kill me) I have never been more terrified of mannequins... On the other side, that was an awesome introduction 'Run.' and then 'I'm the Doctor by the way, what's your name?' 'Rose.' 'Nice to meet ya Rose, now Run for your life!' Mkay expect more updates as I keep watching!!!!

Idea from Tumblr - Describe something

((Something I decided to do because of one of my followers on Tumblr, I'm describing something, a picture I drew actually, and... Yeah, I just might continue with this, I actually like it. Although it didn't turn out the way I thought it would in the beginning. Anyway, just read this please EDIT: You'll have to like highlight it our something with your mouse because it's not showing up for me otherwise, if it does for you without highlighting it, LJ likes you better apparently.))

She moved like an acrobat flew, and everyone around her felt it, consciously or not. Although that wasn’t what drew me to her in the first place. It was the way she looked, the looks she sent, the flirtatious smirks and smiles, the ‘devil-may-care’ attitude that came off of her in waves, it was the haunted gleam she hid behind her walls. I saw it though, I just don’t know if anyone else did.

Her eyes drew people in like a sailor to a siren’s song. The dark amber - gold of her eyes were captivating, the haunted gleam making them glow eerily. Yet they didn’t stand out against the rest of her body, not to me anyway. The dark golden tones of her skin just begged for someone to ask how she got such a dark, beautiful tan. Her hair was dark and thick, although she had shaved off the left side at what could have been a sideways part. It was choppy, thick, but it was something you could run your fingers through and not find any knots. She had the body of an old-time model, she wasn’t stick thin, she had no thigh gap, but she wasn’t unproportional to me.

Before she would have been called a punk-rocker, I called her my Saving Grace. She wore shorts and a tank-top that was cut off at the middle of stomach, showing her flat stomach and even more golden skin. The shorts hung off her hips, barely reaching past her knees, barely staying that long if the shorts near the middle of her thighs were anything to go by, they looked more like fishnets than shorts or simple rips anymore. She wore another shirt though, and it was a button up top that was left open, showing her tank top and belt, it was only lighter than her hair in color and tucked into the popped up collar was a checkered scarf of red and blue wrapped around her neck loosely. I had looked down briefly, avoiding her gaze, and her boots, I saw, served as a sheath for a knife.

I said nothing about the knife, or the pair of guns I found hidden by her shirt later, though it was illegal to carry weapons from Before such as they. Yet, they weren’t the only items she carried classified as weapons. Covering her arms, from her thumbs to her elbows were runic tattoos, the sigil labeled ‘Hunter’ emblazoned on the backs of her hands.

And I knew she was dangerous, she was lethal. The shear amount of runes branded into her skin ensured that. But she was magnificent, alluring, and so hard to resist once I knew who she was. I could only begin to wonder what she thought of me in the end. Or in the beginning.
But I was enraptured by her from the beginning. From the first time I heard her voice to the last. Even when she was screaming out ‘TRAITOR!’ at me as she was dragged away by those labeled ‘Peace Keepers.’

I had told her then, that if I couldn’t have her, I’d be damned if I would let anyone else.
And it’s true, I am damned. Because she was never mine, she was only ever seeking out him. Her beloved, The Bringer of Tempests, Orion, Son of Jay, brother to The Queen’s Fury herself, Maria, Daughter of Jay and Rose.

And for that I lost her. Forever. My Saving Grace turned out to be the Girl Who Withstood All Storms, she who would stand while others kneeled and fell to their knees.

My name is  - was James, Son of Emett. And I betrayed The Dark One... Kylah.

Happy New Year!!!!

So I figure I should welcome in the New Year online and tell you how I welcomed the new year with a kiss. You want to know who I kissed? Do you? Do you? DO YOU?!?!?!?

I kissed my cat. My female cat. Named Sophie. Under the recliner in my living room because my parents were kissing on the couch. And that is something I have no wish to see happening thank you very much.

Alright now, down to business. My New Years Resolutions, because if I don't get these down, I wont even attempt at them.
1. Do better in school.
  I'm failing Algebra II, and I might be failing AVID, and that sucks because it's my way into advanced classes. But I seriously don't understand how I have a D in that class.
2. Work more on my art work.
  Not really something that needs work, per say, but I need to get better at some of the stuff I'm doing.
3. Be nicer to people.
  I'm serious, at hom an school, my friends and family consider me a bully. 
4. Keep m entir room clean for more than week.
  Because it needs to be said and done. I have an issue with putting stuff where it belongs so maybe some early Spring Cleaning this year?
5. Stop procrastinating with schoolwork.
  This is the reason I fail Algebra, I never get the work done. That and I hate homework soooo... Yeah, I need to work on this.

Out of all of this, the least likely to happen is 3 or 5 unfortunately. 5 because I've had that particular habit for ages, and 3 because I'm not quite sure how t b nicer...
Happy holidays people,

Something for my Fanfiction Readers

Little Rock Mansion
Yes, people, this is the house I am using as Alfred/America's home in the human world for the second chapter of "I Aim To Please" called "Falling To Fly." That's about all i have to say about this one really, but the link to the story is here. Although that leads you to the first chapter, because I have yet to post the second chapter right now so sue me!!!! Later dudes, Imma work on my story now!!!

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the little house like building on the left, yeah, that's going to work as a shed or something in the chapter, no one lives in it!! Okay now I'm gone!!!

... Oops??

So I finally remembered that I had a livejournal account and so the title comes into play, oops?? I figure I should let everybody in on what's been going on in as logical an order as I can provide, which isn't much, really...

So currently I'm on Winter Break until January 2nd, but on the 22nd of this month, I'm going to Maryland to stay with my grandparents and cousin until the day after Christmas...
I'm currently dating a guy, for like six weeks so far... I think... And he's cute 'n' all, buuuttt... he kinda freaks me out a bit... That and I barely ever have contact with him anymore, well, after I asked him on a date and we went to see Rise of the Guardians 2D. Then it was meet the parents until 11 pm. Not fun, his mom talks alot and all I wanted to do was sleep and get the makeup off my face. (further ranting is at deviantArt, link -> here)
What else??? Well, I figured out how to, kind of, animate things on Photoshop, I'm kind of, not really passing French 1 because I havent been posting my participation articles or commenting... I should probably get that done today. I'm not doing my Algebra homework, because I've become addicted to Fanfiction to the point of no return...
My sister broke her butt, don't ask about that, it's really confusing to explain because I really don't understand what happened...
I've started posting drawings on deviantArt, although I have more from awhile ago that I should scan onto my laptop to post really.
I went to the Marine Corp Birthday Ball for my dad's company on December 14th, and I did a complete 180 just for that, I wore a red strapless floorlength dress, makeup (I might post pictures of that on dA after I edit them to my bidding), and heels. HEELS, I tell you, HEELS!!!!!!!!!!!

I really can't figure out hat else to say... *sigh* see you guys later... I have Trolling to do on LJ now that I have returned!!!
Eternally amazing,
I hate my school sometimes. I have to put up a poster, project thing for Health Ed and I swear to God, I'm the only one who actually knows what we were supposed to do for it.
It's supposed to be a bunch of information about some topic we chose with our groups, and we get stuff to put on a bulletin board, pictures and phrases, stuff like that. One of the guys in my goup - I'm the only girl in the group of four, originally three - keeps saying we'll put all the stuff on a poster board that won't even take up a quarter of the bulletin board for us to use. So I continue to tell him, no, we put the stuff on the bulletin board, not a poster board. All we have to do is print out the stuff and staple it up there.

Guys are morons.

Now my dad is going on about demotivational posters that are mocking the presidential debate and has the best MBL player ever. Dunno how to spell his name though, Cabrero or something.

Does anyone know how to make those icon things that you see people posting on LJ? Cause I want to learn how to do that, have since I saw that people were making them and they were pretty cool.

Anyway, I have to get my mom to print out my pictures and documents since my stupid computer won't hook up to the printer in my house.
So I haven't had Internet for a few days and there's some stuff I meant to post from awhile ago and yesterday that I really want to show you guys. So without further adieu, here's my unposted crap:


Saturday 08 Sep., 2012 2100 ETZ

Okay, so this isn’t a straight up post like everyone else’s probably are, strange I know… But I have reasons for typing this up on Microsoft before posting it. For one as I type right now I’m in a hospital because I have swollen ankle were the swelling is or was, I’m not quite clear on that yet, spreading up my left leg. I think it’s caused by what I thought were bug bites from like mosquitos or ticks or fleas or something, but I itched them in a half-sleep daze and a few days later they started oozing this yellow liquid that was gross and icky. There’s an IV tube thing stuck in my arm that makes it uncomfortable to to type actually, so I’m using my left arm primarily for typing which is awkward to me.

I’ve eaten almost an entire bag of grapes, my parents got me subway, and Mountain Dew and Gatorade so I’m content for now, but I ve been told by the Nurses, one of them is a dude by the way, that I get IV Antibiotics every six hours so I won’t be getting much sleep.

Give me a second, a girl’s gotta go when a girl’s gotta go!


Okay so I came back, talked to my nurses for a bit and screwed around on Windows Movie Maker and I’m not even attempting to type with my right arm now. The doctor people came in a few seconds ago and ade me move my foot around a bit,commented on all the lines drawn on my leg…


Okay so it’s almost nine and I have the antibiotics running through my veins, it is not the most comfortable thing ever, but the nurse was nice to me. Three minutes to nine now, hah I cant focus right now… I’ll type up something again when inspiration hits me.

Au revoir, C00ki3

   This is all because I was reading Dragongirl16's convo's with family when this happened, so I typed it up and decided to share this with you.

18 Sept. 2012

So my sister spilled coffee on herself and it got all over her shirt and chest, so my mom helps her take off her shirt, puts a jacket overtop of her, because there’s an open window across from her and the conversation that follows is this:

Mom: I’m gonna go upstairs and get you a new shirt, alright?

Sister: Sure.

Me: (going to my duffelbag and pulling out one of my red t-shirts and standing in front of le sister) You wanna wear it?

Sister: (laughing) Sure.

Me: Put your arms in! (hurrying to get her arms in before my mom comes back down stairs) Hurry up! (Pulls shirt over her head as mom walks down stairs and starts pulling shirt down)

Mom: (stares at us like “what the heck”)

Sister: It was *C00ki3M0nster*s idea! (fixes shirt)

Me: (grins, laughs and nods) Uh – huh!

Sister: *C00ki3M0nster* did it so you would be going upstairs for nothing!

Mom: And she’s all proud of herself too!

Me: Uh – huh! (still grinning stupidly before retreating to my chair on the otherside of the room.)

I might post again today, whether to rant or something else but whatever!

Á tout à l'heure, C00ki3

Sooo NOT happy!

Okay, so the reason that I'm not happy is that I have to swallow big freaking pills!!!!! So I have to swallow the pills because my ankle is all swolen up and the ER person thinks I might have Staph or Staff infenction... I don't know what it is or how you actually spell it, but I am NOT enjoying this! And I got bit by fleas all over my legs, which caused the infection thing, or so I've been lead to think. The fleas aparently came from my cats and I am so fed up with this crap! Last year at the end of the school year I get sick, miss the finals and last two weeks of school. This year, about the third week into school, this happens!!!

1. Whatever is controlling the health of my body needs to knock it the fuck off, I am not amused! On the bright side, if this had happened earlier in the week, I would've gotten two days out of school! Unfortunately it's friday, and the weekend is only two days, so I don't get to miss school. Bummer.

2. I have to use crutches and the doctor's orders are to keep my foot elevated and not move around to much, basically the doctor gave me orders to be lazy all weekend, which was on the agenda anyway, but now my parents can't get mad at me for it.

3. Now that I have to stay in bed, I'm bored, cold, and itching to go outside somewhere. And by cold I mean it's 70 degrees farenheit in my house and I want to put on my warmest jacket.

4. I had to take Benadryl, that stuff tastes like complete and utter shit... I hate it!!!! It was so horrible!! But I had to swallow it anyway...

So now that I have exhausted my ranting time, I'm going to go look for more Hetalia Icons to steal from peopleon LJ...

Au revoir, M0nster


I got the UserPic from Awesomlicious, I think. Anyway there's a series of pictures (It was one but I split up into seven) that I think people need to see. I got the original from Zerochan.net (link is here)

Now there are two pictures I have made into icon size (hopefully) that I think are freakin hilarious!!! As seen below:

3.5 This is England, so that means, yes he is Spain's father in this comic strip. And one of the comments on the Zerochan is this:   England+France = Love child Spain in response to this: ENGLAND HAS A MUSTACHE O-O Wait.....he's Spain's dad? Then who's the mum....? France?! o_O (Credit to: Call_Me_The_Artist and SakuraMoriChan respectively)

5.5 This is Poland, and yes this freaking worthy of ROFLMAO ---> CBADFL (Can't-Breath-About-to-Die-From-Laughing) And, yes I did just make that up. Here's a coment from CharlCharl: Poland is just priceless!
Now tell me I'm the only one still laughing?! It's not possible you just need to look at England.